Did You Call Me A Psycho?

In my view, calling someone who is struggling with mental illness a “psycho” is as offensive as calling a homosexual a “faggot” or an African-American a “nigger” or a down syndrome a “retard” or a Muslim a “terrorist”.

Mental illness is an invisible cancer and every waking day is a walk to the battle field. Their lives are hanging by a thread in ways that you don’t even make the effort to understand. Shame.

Just because you are not in any of these categories, it does not make it okay to use it on others to feel good about yourself. Don’t be a bully.

Dear Mother

Losing you was the worst possible thing that could happen to me. Your absence in my life has left an enormous void that I compensated with guilt and self deprecation. 

Over 2 decades I’d convinced myself that I was your murderer. But I’m slowly accepting the fact that everything in life happen for a reason and there is no such thing as accident, although it may appear to be at first. God works in mysterious ways.

I miss everything about you. The way you smell. The way you laugh. The way you held me at night to sleep. What I would do to hear you scream at my face again – I even miss that. That is how much I miss you. 

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. I love you.


Afraid of Losing Your Jobs? Do This For Extra Money.

We are in recession. There is no point sugar coating how fucked we truly are.

Unemployment rate is on the rise, and analysts are already comparing our dire situation to The Great Depression, a global economic catastrophe in the 1930s that lasted almost a decade. Then, unemployment rose as much as 33%, forcing people to beg and live on the street. Are we about to face similar predicament? How prepared are we to lose our jobs? What can we do to ride this pandemic before we starve to death?

Now, here is where I come in – not as an expert of the economy, but merely as an observer with a suggestion in hand. There are many options that you have such as becoming a delivery boy, but my option require you not to move from the comfort of your home. Want to give trading a shot? If you’re wondering, “What exactly is trading? How do I even begin?” Continue reading.

Trading is defined as the act of buy and sell. What do you buy and sell? Commodities, shares and currencies of course – and with the rising dependency on technology, this is the future. Now, how do you even begin? 

First, you need to have some basic knowledge on how to do it. There are various online materials to help your foundation of becoming a trader. My personal favorite is www.babypips.com. Second, you need select a reliable broker. You can Google various brokers online, but if you seek my recommendation, go for Plus500 and XM. Look for deposit promotion. Some brokers provide no-deposit bonus – which basically mean, they give you free money to start trading, even if you don’t deposit anything. Third, download MT4 or MT5 on your phone – these are trading platforms, where the action happen. Forth, download application to read the latest news and market updates. I use Investing, downloadable from any IOS and Andriod phones. Fifth, practice. Use a dummy account for a minimum of 2 weeks. When you’re ready, use the bonus money or your deposit. 

Good luck! I hope this help you to gain some money to buy your necessity. And always always remember : RISK MANAGEMENT. Trading is not gambling.

#moviereview The Hunt.

The Hunt features some prominent actors such as Emma Roberts, Ike Barinholtz  and Oscars winner Hillary Swank.


The film opens on a bombastic overture and a stiltedly staged group text that will retroactively become important. We are then whisked onto a luxury jet where the liberal rich are feted and random poor conservatives from different parts of the country have been drugged and tucked out-of-sight in the back of the plane. The next scene opens on the kidnapped victims waking up gagged and heading towards a mysterious box in a field, like the cornucopia from “The Hunger Games.” Once their restraints are off and the shooting begins, the most dangerous game’s afoot. 


Visual Effect/Costume⭐⭐⭐⭐

#moviereview Like A Boss.

 Tiffany Haddish, Salma Hayek and Rose Byrne as the leading ladies


Best friends Mia (Haddish) and Mel (Byrne) run their own cosmetics company — a business they built from the ground up. But they’re also in over their heads financially, and the prospect of a buyout offer from an industry titan (Hayek) proves too tempting to pass up. The beauty business is now about to get ugly as the proposal puts Mia and Mel’s lifelong friendship to the ultimate test.


Visual Effect/Costume⭐⭐

MCO End Date(s). Here’s Some ☕️

Today marks the 33rdday of Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia. In tandem with Covid-19 growing recovery rate (currently standing at 58.5%), the MCO is expected to end on 28thApril. Or will it now?

Malaysia has placed 30 areas under red zones (areas with more than 40 cases) and the list doesn’t appear to be contracting despite the drop in new cases to double digit. Now, here’s what I think: Though it is possible for MCO to end on 28thApril, it will be conducted in stages. And here’s how I think it should (will) be done:

28thApril 2020  MCO will be lifted for green and yellow zones
12thMay 2020 MCO will be lifted for orange zones, with no interstate traveling
26thMay 2020 MCO will be lifted for red zones that are upgraded to orange zones with no interstate traveling. Interstate traveling is allowed for any zones upgraded to green zones.
Until Further NoticeMCO continues for remaining red zones and lockdown applies to buildings / areas with EMCO until respective zones are upgraded to yellow or green

Now, it is extremely crucial for us to adhere to the MCO to avoid new clusters to spring up like mushrooms. Please restrain yourself from going out just because you feel like it because the sooner we get to contain the pandemic, the sooner we can go back to our daily lives.


Mohd Fikri.

Dear little brother,

I found our lost dusty photo album in mother’s drawer last night. Flipping through it brought back so much great memories. 

I hope all is well at your end. Living in a foreign country, pursuing your dream especially as an outsider can be rather, challenging. It’s been a year since you left the country with your beautiful wife and my endearing niece. Your girls make your eyes sparkle in an indescribable way. I am truly happy that you are happy, and I hope you don’t forget to come back for Raya. 

Do you remember how you were late for your own wedding that I almost had to take your place? Luckily we’re identical but thankfully you got there in time, saving me the embarrassment of having to kiss someone else’s wife, someone else’s in laws. 

Do you remember saving our meal money in our first year of college just so we can buy LinkinPark concert tickets? Do you remember escaping curfew and spending the night with some crackheads near Dataran Merdeka because we couldn’t afford a cab ride back?

Do you remember when I swallowed a dozen Panadol with Coke in boarding school and you panicked and pushed your middle finger down my throat so I can puke it out? Do you remember how I made you swear not to tell our parents or I would tell them you kissed a girl on the lips when we were 16? Do you remember how you thought kissing girls on the lips could make them pregnant?

Do you remember that senior who used to call me to the sick bay and forced me to do things I didn’t want to and how you would gallantly stood up for me and punched him in the face, although he was 4 years older and the head of the martial art squad? Do you remember getting beat up real bad and I had to lie to our parents that you fell off 50 steps of slippery stairs? 

Do you remember how competitive we were at everything in school? I was in the gymnast team and you were in taekwando. I was the head of choral speaking team and you were the head of marching band. I was in the school’s volleyball team and you represent the district in badminton. I scored 4 best subjects and you scored 5. Do you remember what they used to call us? We were the magnificent twin.

Do you remember how we used to cycle together to school, and everywhere else?

Do you remember how we used to climb trees and talk to monkeys?

Do you remember how we used to catch fireflies and put them in our sleeping net so we can stare at them in the dark, pretending we’re staring at the stars?

You don’t remember do you? Because… it never actually happen. You were never there. Because… you were taken earlier than you should. And I had to grow up alone, without a friend.

I wish you were there little brother – so I can share my laugh with you, and my tears too – so I know everything will be okay, because I have you.

I wish we can trade places. Because you would make a better son, a better brother, a better human than I ever would be. 

How can I miss someone I barely knew this much? 

RIP Mohd Fikri.