Afraid of Losing Your Jobs? Do This For Extra Money.

We are in recession. There is no point sugar coating how fucked we truly are.

Unemployment rate is on the rise, and analysts are already comparing our dire situation to The Great Depression, a global economic catastrophe in the 1930s that lasted almost a decade. Then, unemployment rose as much as 33%, forcing people to beg and live on the street. Are we about to face similar predicament? How prepared are we to lose our jobs? What can we do to ride this pandemic before we starve to death?

Now, here is where I come in – not as an expert of the economy, but merely as an observer with a suggestion in hand. There are many options that you have such as becoming a delivery boy, but my option require you not to move from the comfort of your home. Want to give trading a shot? If you’re wondering, “What exactly is trading? How do I even begin?” Continue reading.

Trading is defined as the act of buy and sell. What do you buy and sell? Commodities, shares and currencies of course – and with the rising dependency on technology, this is the future. Now, how do you even begin? 

First, you need to have some basic knowledge on how to do it. There are various online materials to help your foundation of becoming a trader. My personal favorite is Second, you need select a reliable broker. You can Google various brokers online, but if you seek my recommendation, go for Plus500 and XM. Look for deposit promotion. Some brokers provide no-deposit bonus – which basically mean, they give you free money to start trading, even if you don’t deposit anything. Third, download MT4 or MT5 on your phone – these are trading platforms, where the action happen. Forth, download application to read the latest news and market updates. I use Investing, downloadable from any IOS and Andriod phones. Fifth, practice. Use a dummy account for a minimum of 2 weeks. When you’re ready, use the bonus money or your deposit. 

Good luck! I hope this help you to gain some money to buy your necessity. And always always remember : RISK MANAGEMENT. Trading is not gambling.